Friday, January 12, 2018

A Haunting

Reading friends! My amazing wife is now a published writer of things! A Haunting is a collection of original poetry and artwork from a very dark period in the younger life of Meg House-Valdez. (This is VERY different from the lighthearted silliness that I write) Paperback, 116 pages. Now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can also email myself or Meg to order a SIGNED copy directly from us!

A message from the author:
Hey you guys! I've been hinting at it, I've given sneak peaks, I've revealed it, now.... it's available for your [reading] pleasure. This is a HUGE thing, very personal and very much a piece of me.

Official book description:
"Art is a filthy thing; that is why I keep doing it." -M.V.

A Haunting is a very personal, deep, and morbid look into the mind of mental illness, self-mutilation, and of all things... love. Meg Valdez gives us a glimpse of her younger self with poetry taken straight from her diaries and journals. It is raw, unfiltered, visceral and grotesque.

Editorial reviews:
"Valdez has immortalized a crucial period in her life; creating something raw, open, honest and horrific. As if her past experiences have materialized into some terrifying beast, and she is gladly welcoming it at her front door. A fearless account of deteriorating mental and physical health that leaves the reader with a visceral response. It is an author's rare exploration of an extreme darkness that is rarely brought to light." -Miranda Bates, editor

"A poetic diary of sorrow, anger, madness and raw emotion. Like a long fall from a high cliff and you're going to feel it when you reach the end. A collection worthy of its namesake." -Chris Franco, co-host of Who Goes There Podcast

"An unapologetic peek into the mind of a tortured soul's formative years. Raw, uncomfortable, and enthralling... both in subject matter and tone." -Dr. Billy San Juan, Psych Geeks author of Star Wars Psychology, Doctor Who Psychology

"A portrait of a young woman struggling to cope with grief and heartbreak. Always intense and at times unsettling. However traces of beauty are found throughout, leaving the reader to contemplate the deep affection which led the author to such dark places." -Tony Valdez, author of Dax Harrison

"A transformative animation etched on black parchment. A Haunting delivers you to the darker dimensions of the adolescent mind. Valdez defies language, toying with words to form new expressions for a tortured mind; sex and isolation become venues for agony and peace, respectively." -David Harding,

NOTE: Amazon is currently showing "out of stock" due to an error, but any orders should still ship with no problem. :)


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