Monday, October 23, 2017

Life's Little Moments

In all honesty, I was gearing myself up today to dive into a post about taking care of one's mental health. It's been a pretty present topic in my life as of late. I don't feel like I have anything insightful to say, really. But a funny thing happened on the way to blogging, and I felt the burning desire to overshare something entirely different and random. Which, funny enough, kinda circled back toward mental health after all. Kinda. Bear with me.

It was 90 degrees out, but this building is constantly freezing. So at least I get to wear fall clothes part-time!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dax Update - 10/19/17

So a few of you got your books this week...

It’s pretty surreal to see it out there. In hands. On family bookshelves. Being used as infant chew toys. Even on a store shelf in London! (I’m 99.9% positive that was my friend just sneaking it on there. Still cool though.)

For anyone who ordered and has NOT received a physical copy of the book yet, please keep an eye on your emails. You should have received a shipping confirmation from Inkshares with a tracking number. If you haven’t received your order, or if you have only received part of your order (for those who bought multiple copies), I would recommend getting in touch with the team at They are friendly and quick to reply!

The digital copies are now also available to download! You should have seen an email come in this week titled "The Dax Harrison ebook is ready!" If not, you can always download your copy from your digital bookshelf at (Click your profile picture at the top right of the screen and select Bookshelf from the menu)

One last thing! Regarding signatures. Yes, backers who pre-ordered and helped fund Dax Harrison were originally promised a book signed by yours truly. Unfortunately, that part of the deal was canceled on the publisher side sometime last year. As I understand, it's pretty costly to ship a ton of books out, let alone shipping them twice. So sending them to me first for signatures just wasn't feasible.

That said, if you reside anywhere near my stomping grounds (in southern California), I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to sign your book! Shoot me a message and we'll make it happen. Also, stay tuned, as I'll be working on some local book signing events and eventually setting up shop at a convention or two.

That’s all for now! :)
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Blog Hard 2: Blog Harder

Hi friends! Welcome back!

A lot has happened since the last time I attempted to dust off this old blog. I've started and stopped it multiple times over the years, wrote some nonsense, abandoned it, returned to write more nonsense such as, "no really, I'm really going to blog regularly this time", only to abandon it again...

I am an abuser of blogs. I don't deserve you, blog. Forgive me.

Now I may not write here every day or every week even, but I do aim to throw a little something out there into the universe on the semi-regular. Why? A couple reasons.

A) Because my long-gestating book, DAX HARRISON, will be officially published in two weeks on Halloween! And seeing as I am now expected to be even remotely considered as a PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHED AUTHOR PERSON (I hope you read that aloud in a cartoonishly epic voice), I figure I should have an ongoing author blog. To keep my readers updated on said book, more books/projects to come, and related events such as signings at book stores, appearances, etc.

B) As my podcast is now on indefinite hiatus, I occasionally find myself with the burning itch to blab at great length about movies, TV, books, video games, music, fitness, random amusing thoughts in my head, motivational advice I find, motivational advice I ignore, how much I love my wife, how much I annoy my wife, what life is like in the soon-to-be Mad Max wasteland of southern California, and so on. All of that may be entirely unsuited for a "Professional Author Blog™". I have no idea. I'm making this up as I go. But if all of that sounds groovy to you, stay tuned.