Thursday, January 14, 2016

Regarding this rocky start to 2016...

Wrote this on Facebook this morning. It proved somewhat popular, so here it is:

As our heroes pass, it reminds us to live. Don't waste a day, folks. Embrace what you have. Find your happiness. We are all temporary.

Today I woke up next to my amazing wife, healthy and happy. And stinky, because morning breath on both our parts. The movies never show you that, do they? Any movie that features passionate makeouts immediately after waking up is absolute bullshit. Sorry, pet peeve. I digress.

While I lament the fact I have to leave her for most of the day and go make a living in an office, I rejoice because I have awesome coworkers who guarantee laughs and good times everyday.

And before that, I'm going to jam out to Bowie while doing laundry, and think of Rickman as I write some epic bad guy scenes for my book. Thank you, Hans Gruber. Your impossible charisma taught me that a hero is only as interesting as his/her villain.

This concludes my warm and fuzzy postings for 2016. Back to business as usual. Balls! Ass! Fart! Bad pun! Geek geek geek...

Also, regarding Bowie, this was pretty powerful for me the other day. Why we grieve artists we've never met:

Nail on the head. All right, enough procrastinating. Time to honor artists the proper way: keep making art. Time to art hard with a vengeance. (...That means work on my book)


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