Tuesday, January 19, 2016


People keep adding me on LinkedIn lately. I practically forgot my account existed (much like Google+). So to properly present myself to the masses, I ask...

Is there any professional way to state the following:
"Despite my resume, including the tech job, education, and proven skills based on said job and education, I'm really only in this industry to pay the bills. In fact, what I really give a damn about is writing stories, making music and occasionally acting when the opportunity presents"

If anyone can come up with some professional jargon to convey that, I'll happily update my profile. :)

Off the top of my head, this following is probably a much more accurate snapshot of who I am, though I don't think much of it applies to a profile, let alone a LinkedIn profile:

Name: Antonio, but my friends call me Tony

Address: Where I put my stuff

Phone/Contact: I get enough spam callers, thank you

Education/Experience: Mostly self-educated

"What do you mean by that?"

Well, officially I spent 4 years in high school, a couple years after that in community college figuring out how to make a living (but mostly trying and failing to date women), and about 8 months at a tech school where I earned an Associate's degree in Computer Networking, graduating Cum Laude with a 3.8 GPA. I would've graduated with a perfect 4.0, but I became severely bored with some busy work assignments (never had the patience for those) and didn't turn them in.

Beyond that, I've been watching and analyzing movies since I was 5 years old, leading me to pursue acting, filmmaking and the art of storytelling in general. Became somewhat of a high school musical theater star along the way, taught myself some photo/video basics, filmed and edited home movies and sketches with friends, taught myself Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, taught myself to play guitar and piano (planning on starting violin this year, because why not?), wrote songs and performed in coffee shops for awhile, wrote a rock opera (which remains about 90% completed and yet to be recorded), made some money for awhile doing wedding photography and videography, acted in a few small student short films, wrote a full-length feature screenplay, decided to turn it into a novel, secured funding to publish it as a novel, and am currently finishing the manuscript so it can be edited, marketed, and finally published as a novel. Planning to get back to acting and music eventually (at the very least, complete the unfinished music projects before they drive me insane), but now that I already have ideas for novel #2, it may be awhile. Basically, I've made an unofficial career out of creativity, which has landed me little to no profit. However, with the amount of experience under my belt, I consider "creativity" more of my professional industry rather than my real day job.

Career Goals:
Officially, continuing in the technical field and exploring opportunities for advancement

Unofficially, being whatever monkey pushing buttons I need to be to continue making a living, so I can pursue my real passions on my off-time, survive in modern society and not spend life on the street begging for food. Don't get me wrong, I take pride in being the best monkey pushing buttons I can be. But, not because I care one iota about TPS reports. I will continue working in said button-pushing occupations until one day (hopefully) I can transition into earning a livable income on my creative pursuits alone.

Sidenote: I can't tell you how many times I've been told that I not only resemble but also have similar mannerisms as Ron Livingston.
There. That's a much more accurate resume of my professional experience, goals and skill sets.

Something tells me I'm not fit to be LinkedIn.

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